March 2019
Bryn Mawr College educates students to the highest standard of excellence to prepare them for lives of purpose. The College’s rigorous liberal arts curriculum and distinguished graduate programs foster a thirst for knowledge, open inquiry, global perspectives, civic engagement, and innovation through study across the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. A world-class faculty of teacher-scholars, a talented staff, and a tight-knit student body cultivate intellectual curiosity, independence, personal integrity, and resilience in a community of passionate, joyful learners.

As a residential women’s college at the undergraduate level, and through coeducational graduate programs in arts and sciences, in social work, and in post-baccalaureate premedical training, Bryn Mawr is committed to women’s education and empowerment, to gender equity, and to supporting all students who choose to pursue their studies here.

Equity and inclusion serve as the engine for excellence and innovation. A commitment to racial justice and to equity across all aspects of diversity propels our students, faculty, and staff to reflect upon and work to build fair, open and welcoming institutional structures, values, and culture.

Emerging from their Bryn Mawr experience equipped with powerful tools and with a deeper understanding of the world and each other, our graduates define success on their own terms and lift up others as they make a meaningful difference in the world.